About Us

We are providing wide range of portable & professional Instruments. Our Trademark is “MEXTECH”

For over years we have been a leading company specialized in Digital Multimeters, Digital Dual Display Clamp Meters, Earth Resistance Clamp Meter, Analogue Clamp Meters, Electrical Testers, Digital LCR meters, Digital Capacitance Meters, Insulation Testers, Oscilloscopes, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Digital Thermometers, Infrared Thermometers, Thermo Hygrometers, Sound Level Meter, Anemometers, Thermo Anemometers, Stroboscopes, Moisture Meters, Grain moisture meters, Wood moisture meters, Thickness Meters, Coating Thickness Gauge, Frequency counters, Function Generators, Hour Meters, Shore Hardness Testers, Tachometers, Weather Station, Rain Gauge, Carbon monoxide meters, Light Meters, Gas Detectors, & various other Instruments.

Innovative technology & creative engineering give our products the edge when it comes to size, weight, ease-of-use & rugged design. Our engineers & technicians achieve the highly accurate test results that help them provide the consistent quality that our customers demand. You will benefit from less down time, increased analysis capabilities & the peace of mind that comes from working with equipment you can trust & afford.

Creativity Innovation: Our efforts for sourcing superior Human Resources & Investments in R & D will place us at core role in the market.