Thermo Hygro Clock TM-1

Mextech offer of comprehensive range of digital Thermohygrometer LCD Display, Time-Alarming function,  C and F Function,Max/Min temperature and   Humidity display,MODE & ADJ button to set.


Temperature Range: Temperature: -10~50˚C (-14˚F ~122˚F)

Humidity Range: 20% ~ 99% RH

Resolution:                 Temperature: 0.1˚C (0.1˚F)

Humidity: 1%RH

Accuracy:                   Temperature: ±1˚C (1.8˚F)

Humidity: ±5%RH (40%~80%)


Product Description


 TM-1 Digital Humidity, Temperature, Time & Calendar Meter

Large LCD Display showing Temp, Humidity & Time at same time ideal for home,

office, travel and school;

LCD size: 80 x 60 mm
Recording MAX/MIN Humidity & Temperature value automatically
2 modes for temperature showing: ⁰C or ⁰F (changeable by pushing switch at back Side)
2 modes for time showing: 12 or 24 (changeable by using MODE & ADJ button to set)
With ALARM function
With CALENDAR function with months and years by pushing ADJ button
With back stand & hanging hole

Accessories: Operational Manual, One piece 1V Battery (AAA Size)

Power Supply: 1.5(AAA) x 1

Dimension: 106 x 98 x 22mm

Accessories: One piece 1.5V Battery

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