Thermo Hygrometer Model: IT-202

Mextech offer of comprehensive range of digital Thermohygrometer LCD Display, Time-Alarming function,  C and F Function,Max/Min temperature and   Humidity display .

APPLICATION:  Applicable for Refrigeration, Laboratories etc.




Temperature Measuring Range:- -50℃ to 70℃ (-58⁰F to 158⁰F)
Humidity Measuring Range: 10%RH to 99%RH
Accuracy: ±1⁰C,±5%RH
Resolution 0.1⁰C,1%RH




  • Two Line Display
  • Time and Date Display Function
  • Max/Min Memory
  • Button Function: 4 Buttons 1) MODE, 2) ADI, 3)°C/°F, 4) MAX/MIN
  • ⁰C and ⁰F Selectable
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Power Supply: 5 Volt  AAA Size Battery
  • Display Size: 40×31mm
  • Unit Size: 109×69×18mm
  • Accessories: Instruction Manual, 1 pc 1.5Volt Battery


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