What are the Applications and Uses of Digital Multimeter?

Applications and Uses of Digital Multimeter
November 15, 2022

What is the Use of Digital Multimeter?

Every person that works with electricity uses a device invariably, that is a multimeter. Whether they are  Electricians, Electricity Suppliers or scientists, or Engineering Students; it is impossible to perform operations without using it.

Also known as Digital Multimeter, it evolved from AVOmeter in the 1920s. Since it was used to measure amps, volts, and ohms, it was named an AVOmeter. You can find the analog versions of this original equipment still, the modern version of it is a digital multimeter. It is more common and has various functionalities.

This equipment is no longer confined to the measurement of resistance, current, or voltage. One can use it to test for continuity in a circuit. Some models can measure capacitance also. They are very much useful in Engineering Colleges or Indian railways where they need to measure capacitance quite often. Most of the models can test diodes, transistors, and batteries as well. They can distinguish between AC and DC currents.

What is Digital Multimeter?

Analog and digital multimeters have a big difference. Though Scientific Suppliers supply both types of equipment, digital is more used nowadays. In an analog machine, the needle is moved by electromagnetic induction. On the other hand, in a digital multimeter, there is an electronic circuit, which is more sensitive to very minute impulses also.

Reading a digital multimeter using a LED display is always more reliable than gauging the position of the needle on a dial.  Every multimeter can measure ohms, amps, and volts. They have a dial that allows you to adjust the sensitivity. On the dial, there are DC voltage settings for 200 millivolts to 1000 volts. For AC current, it has voltage settings from 200 millivolts to 750 volts.

It can detect AC and DC current from 2 milliamps to 20 amps. It can measure resistance from 200 ohms to 200 megohms.

What are the Applications of a Multimeter?

Anyone that works with electrical equipment needs a multimeter. Even, tradespeople like electricians and appliance repair professionals also use them regularly. Even daily household circuitry and other home appliances also need a multimeter to diagnose the problem.

It can be used for testing voltage. We can measure the voltage across the circuit and voltage drop if any.

It can be used for testing current. The mA scale is useful for that.

It is used for testing resistance. There is a built-in power source that gets activated when the resistance scale is selected. It is also used for continuity testing.

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