Top 7 Digital Clamp Meter Brands in India

Top Digital Clamp Meter Brands in India
February 04, 2022

We see electronics all around us. We have different devices that measure different quantities. Today we will discuss one such device, a digital clamp meter. Do you know what a clamp meter is or why we use it? In simple words, it is a testing tool made with a combination of a current sensor and a digital multimeter. Do you know which brands are the best providers of this gadget in India? For those who are unaware of this device’s usage. Now it’s time to get to the list of the top 7 digital clamp meter brands in India.

Digital Clamp Meters measure the amount of current flowing through a live wire. We have got you a list of the top 7 digital clamp meter brands that rule the Indian market. You can have the details in the next section.

Best Digital Clamp Meter Brands

Brands are sprawling across the country, and we are here with the best ones filtered for you. Each one of these has features of its own, even when they come from the same sector. You can read through the list and find the one which suits your needs and temperament. Below we have got you the leading dealers of the digital clamp meter across the country. If you go through them, you will know more about each one of them.

List of top Digital Clamp Meter Manufacturers in India

If you are looking for top 10 digital clamp meter manufacturers then your search ends here. We present list of top digital clamp meter manufacturers in India.

  2. Rishabh
  3. Fluke
  4. Meco
  5. Metravi
  6. HTC
  7. Waco

1. MEXTECH Digital Clamp Meter

MEXTECH provides high-quality digital clamp meters. They take help from top-notch vendors across the industry to manufacture the device. The quality of the Mextech Clamp Meters meets the industry standards.

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MEXTECH is a well-known manufacturer of clamp meters in India with a presence in several states. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Assam are markets where MEXTECH’s clamp meters have been widely used by professionals in electrical engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance. MEXTECH’s clamp meters are known for their precision and durability, making them a preferred choice for customers in India. Their focus on innovation and quality has helped them build a strong reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of clamp meters in the country.

2. Rishabh Digital Clamp Meter

They manufacture some of the best-looking clamp meters with incredible features. Rishabh provides you with different colors of clamp meters and designs. The clamp meters are also highly efficient.

3. Fluke Digital Clamp Meter

Fluke clamp meters are noise-free. They are known for their accurate readings. Fluke clamp meters are handy and easily fit in thinner places. You can say that they are a good option for the technicians due to their grab-and-go model. They are seen mostly at the mechanics’ or with technicians.

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4. Meco Digital Clamp Meter

Meco gives you elegance in the shape of the device. Besides the body, you get an incredibly reliable digital clamp meter. They come in vibrant colors are easy to carry.

5. Metravi Digital Clamp Meter

You can choose from a wide range of clamp meters of different designs and configurations with Metravi. Their clamp meters are best for those who are new to the sector and learning.

6. HTC Digital Clamp Meter

Are you someone from an engineering background and maintain a toolkit? If yes, then HTC digital clamp meter can be a valuable addition to your toolbox. They can be used at home and are pocket-friendly. All this makes it the best choice for households.

7. Waco Digital Clamp Meter

You can have access to precise digital clamp meters with Waco. Their clamp meters possess superior quality and are known as the best amongst other clamp meter providers across India.

You will find many more clamp meter brands having specializations. However, the ones in the above-given list are all-rounders. In India, you can get them from eCommerce sites. We hope that the article helped you and you will visit us for more. Till then, you can drop your queries regarding clamp meters so that we can answer you to clear any doubts.

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