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DIT-51 High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester


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  1. Automatic discharge function, instantly release the high voltage of the measured object, and display the discharge
  2. Quickly charge for capacitive load, especially suitable for cable insulation resistance
  3. Button, band rotary knob and touch color screen combination, make the function test convenient and easily, query record operation
  4. Various display content: insulation resistance value, output voltage, leakage current, test timing, test date and time (display hour, minute, second), battery
  5. Double shell structure, firm and durable, protection grade IP65
  6. Two power supply mode of rechargeable lithium battery pack and power
  7. Automatically store 1000 groups of real-time test data with test date, time and timing. The recorded data can be uploaded to the computer by USB communication cable for data statistical


Insulation Resistance Measurement Accuracy


Rate Voltage 250v 500v 1000v 2500v 5000v
Range and


±5%-±20% 50GΩ 100GΩ 200 GΩ 500 GΩ 1 TΩ



Model DIT-51

Rated Voltage



Output Voltage Accuracy (5%~0%)±10V
Insulation Resistance




Output Short Circuit Current ≥5mA
Power Supply Rechargeable lithium battery pack, charge AC 220V
Filter 10S、20S、30S、40S (4 choice)
Voltage Measurement Range: AC/DC 30V~1000V;Accuracy: ±(3%+3V);Resolution: 1V
Current Measurement Range: 0.00nA~6.00mA;Accuracy: ±(5%+0.2nA);Resolution: 1pA
Capacitance Measurement Range: 10nF~25uF;Accuracy: ±(10%+5nF);Resolution: 1nF
Timing Range 0s~9999s
Storage Function Automatically store the real-time test data with test date, time and timing, total of 1000 groups
Upload Function Upload the stored data to computer with USB communication cable.
Battery Voltage Battery voltage symbol display, when battery voltage low will remind to replace the battery
Auto Shut Down After 15 minutes start up will shut down automatically without any operation
Meter Dimension 280mm×260mm×160mm
Meter Weight 4400g (include battery)

Test Wire

Red color high voltage test wire 1 pcs (with alligator clip 1PCS and hook 1PCS), green color test wire 1PCS, black color

test wire 1PCS

Working Environment -10℃~50℃;80%rh
Insulation Resistance 50MΩ(1000v)(between the test circuit and shell)
Withstand Voltage AC 3Kv 50Hz 1min(between the test circuit and shell)
Suitable Safety Standard IEC61010-1,IEC61326-1


Insulation tester is used to measure the testing voltage, insulation resistance resolution, auto range, data hold.


Host: 1PCS, high voltage test wire: 1PCS, Test wire (green): 1PCS; Test wire (black): 1PCS; Alligator clip: 1PCS; Hook 1PCS; USB communication cable 1PCS; Software CD: 1COPY; Tool bag: 1PCS


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