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Pen type Thermometer ST-9235 User Manual


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1. Wide measurement range
2. Stainless steel probe
3. ⁰C/⁰F selectable
4. Data hold
5. Max/Min temp. Memory


1. Measurement range: -50⁰C to 300⁰C (-58⁰F~572⁰F)
2. Accuracy: ±1⁰C (±2⁰F) between range -50⁰C to 200⁰C (-58⁰F to 392⁰F),
Otherwise more than ±2⁰C (±4⁰F)
3. Resolution: 0.1⁰C between -19.9⁰C to 299.9⁰C, otherwise 1⁰C
4. Sampling Rate: 1 Second
5. Battery: 1PC X 1.5 volt type LR44 or equivalent
6. Probe size: 145mm (L) Stainless probe


Air Conditioning, food processing, Agriculture,
Automobile, Brewing, Photography. Food storage,
Refrigeration, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory, Petro Carbons.

Measure Procedure
1. Press “No/off” Button once to switch ON the thermometer, it will perform a self-test with a
flash of full segment display and jump to normal display.
2. Press “ON/OFF” button once to switch OFF the thermometer.
°C/°F Switchable Function
Press “C/F” button once to change the temperature unit.
Data Hold Function
Press “HOLD” button once to retain reading, show “H” icon then press “HOLD” button once again to
release the HOLD function.
Maximum and Minimum Memory Function
1. Press “MAX-MIN” button once to display maximum temperature reading, show “X” icon.
2. Press “MAX-MIN” button once again to display the minimum temperature reading, Show “N”
3. Press “MAX-MIN” button once again will return to normal temperature display.
Battery Replacement
Open the battery cover by swirling anti-clock wise, replace the battery, then close the
battery. Cover tightly by swirling clock wise.

 Not to be used inside an oven or microwave oven.
 Make sure tightening up of battery cover after battery replacement.


1PC X 1.5 volt LR44 Battery.


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