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 Four windows simultaneously Display: Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor / Frequency, 2-50 Harmonics
 All measurements are True RMS
 Auto Ranging
 Accuracy: 0.5
 On the outside with a high noise immunity
 Standard RS232 communication interface
 Standard harmonic testing software
 Suitable for the production line test: Lighting Products, Home Appliances, Electrical Products,
 Power Products and other
Wiring Simplex
Display 4 LED digital tube window, 7 LED digital tube
Measurement items Voltage V, current A, active power W, power factor PF, frequency Hz, 2-50 times
Measurement form True RMS


Voltage range 5V ~ 600V AC (automatic range switching)
peak voltage: 700V AC
minimum test voltage 5V AC (less than 5V can be customized)
Current range
5mA ~ 20A AC (automatic range switching)
Peak current: 26A AC
minimum test current 5mA AC (less than 5mA can be customized)
Power range 0.1W-12kW
Power Factor Range
Calculation method: Watts (W) ÷ [Voltage (V) × Current (A)] = Power factor (PF)
Frequency Range 45-65 Hz
Basic Accuracy ± (0.4% of reading + 0.1% of range + 1 word)
Measure the Speed 5 times / second
Input resistance ≥1MΩ (all voltage ranges)
Power supply 220V AC, 50/60 Hz
Volume and weight 380 mm long 260 mm wide 160 mm high, ≈ 4.3 kg
Communication Interface RS232 Standard


 Power Consumption Test for Household Appliance
 Power Consumption Test for the Air-condition
 Power Consumption for Light Products
 Power Consumption Test for LED Lamps
 Test for Electrical Machine and Motor
 Test for Chargers and Switching Power Supply


Power Lines, Fuses, Manuals, Software CD-ROM, Communication Lines


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