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 Can test for AC Signals, DC DC Signal
 LED Digital screen Display: Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor / Frequency
 All measurements are true RMS Trms
 Auto Ranging
 Accuracy: 0.5
 On the outside with a high noise immunity
 Support data lock
 On the current and power limit alarm, especially for a large number of test production line
 For the production line test: Lighting Products, Home Appliances, Electrical Products, Power Products
and other
Wiring Simplex
Display LED Digital screen
Measurement items Voltage V, current A, active power W, power factor PF, frequency Hz
Measurement form True RMS


Voltage range 5V ~ 600V AC / DC (range automatic switching)
Peak voltage: 700V AC / DC
Minimum test voltage 5V AC / DC (less than 5V can be customized)
Current range 10mA ~ 20A AC / DC (automatic range switching)
Peak current: 26A AC / DC
Minimum test current 10mA AC / DC (less than 10mA can be customized)
Power range 0.1W-12kW
Power Factor Range 0.001 to 1.000 Note: For DC DC models, the power factor PF displays 1.000
Calculation method: Watts (W) ÷ [Voltage (V) × Current (A)] = Power factor (PF)
Frequency Range 45-65Hz Note: DC DC signal, the frequency is not displayed
Basic Accuracy ± (0.4% of reading + 0.1% of range + 1 word)
Measure the Speed 5 times / second
Input Resistance 1mω (all voltage files)
Power Supply 85 to 265 V AC 50/60 Hz, 85 to 265 V DC
Volume and Weight 355 mm long 223 mm wide 112 mm high, ≈ 1.7 kg
Communication Interface Optional RS232 or 485 , Relay output


 Power Consumption Test for household appliance
 Power consumption test for the air-condition
 Power consumption for light products
 power consumption test for LED lamps
 Test for electrical machine and motor
 Test for chargers and switching power supply


Power cord, Manual


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