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Sensor -Non Conductive Humidity
PC Interface
Samplings time-5 minutes
Low battery indicator
Operating temperature and humidity -0~50°C <95%RH
Power Supply -2pcsx1.5V AAA Battery
Display Dimension -42x28mm
Unit dimension -135x70x44mm
Weight-100gms(excluding Battery)


Display -6 bit backlight LCD Digital display.
3 bit humidity aw
3 bit temperature display
Measurement range – 0~1.0 aw
Accuracy – ±0.02 aw
Resolution- ±0.01aw


The WA 90A portable meter can be used to measure the water activity of foods. No matter when and where you
need to measure water activity.


Accessories-Manual guide, Carrying case , Samplings plate.
Optional Accessories-USB Data Output


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