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Sample thickness-Less than 10mm
Ultraviolet light wave length -380mm
Visible light wave length -380~370mm
Infrared wavelength -Central wave length-950mm
Measuring Mode –
a. Visible light transmittance
b. Ultraviolet light transmittance
c. Infrared light transmittance
d. Light transmittance
Operating environment – 0~50°C, <90%RH
Power supply -4×1.5V AAA Size Batteries
Main unit direction -126x65x27mm


Display-10mm LCD Display
Measuring Range -0~100% Light Transmittance
Accuracy – <2%
Resolution- 0.1


Can be used to measure the transmittance or haze of all kinds of transparent
translucent samples with parallel plane (Such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, glass
products, plastic sheet ,sheet etc).
It is a handheld high performance device that measures the amount of the light that
passes through a window.


Accessories -Guide book
Carrying case

Optional accessories-USB Cable and Software


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