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 The Barcol hardness can be calculated according to the following formula
Hba =100-h/0.0076
Hba – ( Barcol Hardness Value )
h – ( Indentation depth mm)
0.0076(The indentation depth characterizing a single barcol unit
 Battery Indicator
 Power Off –
a. Auto (The tester will turn off after 10 min from last key operation )
b. Manual (By power on /off key)
 Calibration function
 Data transfer through cable and software
 Power supply -2pcs x1.5V AAA Size batteries
 Tester operating environment -O~50°C <80% RH
 Unit dimension -170x 63x22mm
 Weight -390gms (excluding batteries )


Digital indentation hardness tester. Used in aluminum Industries.


This is a digital indendation hardness tester having high accuracy and best performance with
many parameters .Its is mainly used in aluminum processing industry ,testing pure aluminum ,soft aluminum
,Thick aluminum ,alloy casting ,forging and aluminum alloy products .Also it can be used in glass steel


Data transfers software and cable


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