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Welcome To MEXTECH

At MEXTECH, we deliver superior quality products with a significant emphasis on customer satisfaction, R & D, and comprehensive business support. We have state of the art infrastructure, innovative technology and engineering expertise, which offers our products a compelling competitive edge.

  • Our teams have built instruments for tomorrow
  • Deliver the consistent quality that our clients demand
  • Developed products you can trust and afford
  • Serve esteemed clients and stay loyal to them

We Provide Extensive Range of Portable & Professional Instruments

From users of daily products to that of superior technology ones, we offer precise instruments with modern technology, highest precision and repeatability, having exceeded the roughest quality benchmarks pre-set by the industry. We provide our client’s products at cost-effective and realistic pricing. From simple to Digital Multi-meters, Digital Dual Display Clamp Meters, Earth Resistance Clamp Meter, Analogue Clamp Meters, Electrical Testers, Digital LCR meters, Digital Capacitance Meters, to Insulation Testers and more, we have it altogether under one common roof.

We provide products across multiple categories. Our engineers attain the highly precise test results that assist them in delivering consistent quality products. You will gain from a reduction in down time, increased analysis abilities and customer contentment working through our advanced equipment.

  • Quick product and instruments deliveries 
  • Competent repair times, sales and support services
  • High-technology enablement and service centre facilities
  • Experienced technicians and use of advanced level tools

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