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Digital AC/DC TRMS Clamp Meter DT-2003A


The DT2003A is a Digital Clamp Meter from Mextech that is capable of measuring AC and DC currents with high accuracy. This AC DC true RMS clamp meter has a higher range of 2000A, making it perfect for professionals in the electrical industry. The Tong Tester feature allows for easy and safe measurement of live wires, making this clamp meter a reliable tool for any electrician. Whether you are working on a construction site or performing maintenance in a factory, the DT2003A is a must-have for any job that requires accurate measurement of AC and DC currents.

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  • Display : 600 Counts LCD Backlight Display.
  • Auto/Manual Range.
  • Automatic Zero Adjustment (Not for All Ranges)
  • Bargraph Display
  • Data Hold Function
  • Low Battery Indication.
  • Over Range Indication : “OL” or “-OL”
  • Auto Power Off : The Meter will Switch to Standby Mode After 15 Minutes from last key Operation.
  • Operating Temperature & Humidity : 0 to 40°C, ≤80%RH.
  • Storage Temperature & Humidity : -20 to 60°C, ≤90%RH.
  • Power Supply : 1PC X 9Volt Battery.
  • Clamp Opening Size : 55mm.
  • Display Size :  61 X 33 mm
  • Unit Size : 275 X 120 X 133 mm
  • Weight : 540 gms(Including Battery)


Basic function Range Best Accuracy
AC Voltage 600mV, 750V(2 Ranges) ±2.0%
DC Voltage 600mV, 1000V(2 Ranges) ±0.8%
AC Current 400A, 2000A(2 Ranges) ±4.0%
DC Current 400A, 2000A(2 Ranges) ±3.5%
Resistance 60MΩ(Auto Ranges) ±1.2% ≤ 6MΩ, ±2.5% Above 6MΩ
Capacitance 4000uF (Auto Ranges) ±5% ≤ 400uF, ±20% Above400uF
Temperature -20°C – 1000°C ±3%
Frequency 10MH (Auto Ranges) ±0.5%
Duty Cycle 0.1%~99.9%
Diode Test Yes  
Continuity Buzzer Sound upto 100Ω


This is a Dual Display 2000A AC/DC Clamp Meter with 6000 Counts. IT Performs AC/DC Voltage, AC/DCD Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency etc.


Instruction Manual, 1 Set of Test Lead, 1 pc Temperature Probe, 1pc 9V Battery & carrying Pouch.


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