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1. Wide measurement range
2. Waterproof
3. Stainless steel probe
4. ⁰C/⁰F selectable
5. Data hold
6. Max/Min temp.Memory


1. Measurement range: -50⁰C to 300⁰C (-58⁰F~572⁰F)
2. Accuracy: ±1⁰C (±2⁰F) between range -50⁰C to 200⁰C (-58⁰F to 392⁰F),
Otherwise more than ±2⁰C (±4⁰F)
3. Resolution: 0.1⁰C between -19.9⁰C to 299.9⁰C, otherwise 1⁰C
4. Sampling Rate: 1 Second
5. Battery: 1PC X1.5 volt type LR44 or equivalent
6. Probe size: 125mm (L) Stainless Steel, Display Size 18.5 X 9 mm.
7. Ambient temperature:-10⁰C to 50⁰C/+14 to +122ºF
Accessories: Protective probe cover, 1PC X1.5 volt Battery.


Air Conditioning, food processing, Agriculture,
Automobile, Brewing, Photography.Food storage,
Refrigeration, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory, PetroCarbons


Protective probe cover, 1PC X1.5 volt Battery.


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