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Display Large screen dynamic LCD, instantaneous sound level, with
analogammeter display.
The output interface AC signal output
USB data cable output
Calibration Use class 1 sound level calibrator
Power Supply 4×1.5V AAA Size (UM-4) Battery
External Power 6V
Weight 185g (Not Including Batteries)
Dimensions 227x63x26 mm
Operating Condition Temperature: -10~50°C


Microphone Φ12.7mm (1/2′) test condenser microphone
Frequency weighting A, C, and Lin(Linear)
Range 25dB~130dB (A)
Range control Manual, three gears, linear range > 60dB
Testing Range 30dB~90dB (dynamic scale display 10~100)
50dB~110dB (dynamic scale display 30~120)
70dB~130dB (dynamic scale display 50~140)
Accuracy In accordance with IEC61672 standard, class 2

Time Weighting Fast (F), Slow (S), Impulse (I)


The Integral Sound Level Meter is a universal sound level meter that measures the exponential time
weighted sound level, an integrated average sound level meter that can measure the time average sound
level, and an integrated sound level meter that measures sound exposure. It can also measure
Accumulated percentile sound level (statistical sound level.


Standard Accessories     Main Unit
Carrying Case (B04)



Optional Accessories
Data Cable
Printer power adapter
External power supply (6V)


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