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Zero line /fire line judgment According to signal strength ,the strong signal is the fire line
NCV sensitivity Automatically select 2 types of sensitivity (high,low)
NCV sensitivity indication method The tester uses different alarm sounds of different frequencies and different color LED to indicate different sensitivity of high (red long),and low (green long)
Operating temperature 0~40 degrees
Storage temperature 10~50 degrees
Altitude < 2000m
Security Level CE CAT.III 1000V/CAT.IV 600V
Power supply 2×1.5V AAA Battery
Product size 160mmx23mmx26mm


AC voltage About 12-100V (S  button indicator is on ) / About 48-100V (S  button indicator is off )
Frequency 50Hz /60Hz
Alarm mode Audiable alarm
Flashlight White LED Lighting
Automatic  shut down
Battery undervoltage indication


It is mainly used for detecting the presence of AC voltage in or around the object or surface and is
very easy to operate.




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