What are the Applications and Uses of Digital Power Meter?

What are the Applications and Uses of Digital Power Meter
November 15, 2022

What is the Use of Digital Power Meter?

A digital power meter can be divided into two categories- DC current meters and AC current meters. It is according to its circuit. AC power meters can be further divided into single-phase power meters, 3P3W, and 3P4W power meters. It is based on their phases and line connections.

They are widely used in industrial applications and several other areas. They are integral parts of Lights Related Industries such as LED Lights Manufacturing.

As far as its working principle is concerned, electricity can be divided into a digital power meter and an electrical mechanical electric energy. In an AC circuit, an electrical mechanical kWh meter is used. The induction-type watt-hour meter is perhaps the most commonly used and simple measuring instrument.

What is Digital Power Meter?

Digital power meters can be further classified into two parts -electronic kWh meters and electromechanical kWh meters. As far as structural classification is concerned, then it is divided into two parts integral kWh meter and split kWh meter.

On the basis of their usage, they can be classified into active power meters, reactive power meters, multi-functional digital power meters, standard kWh meters, multi-tariff digital power meters, and so on.

Digital power meters are divided into ordinary installation types and portable precision level types. When there is a need for precise and perfect Light Checking, digital power meters are inevitable.

What are the Applications of Digital Power Meter?

Digital power meters are equipped with 1,3, or 6 measurement channels. It is the reason; they can measure all parameters in AC or Alternate Current and Direct Current or DC systems. They can measure apparent power, current, frequency, voltage, power factor, apparent energy, and active as well as reactive energy. Thus, they are versatile and multipurpose.

In the conventional power meters, there were push buttons. However, modern meters are equipped with modern, user-friendly interfaces. Some of the advanced models can be connected to microprocessors such as laptops and personal computers. Even there are some models that can be connected to smartphones.

A digital power meter is one of the most useful and simple instruments to measure electrical power when you do not need a deeper analysis of the collected data. It measures the voltage and current and derives the fundamental data to give the most important power results. It makes the operation simplified. You can monitor it from remote systems also. With the advancement in technology, digital meters will be available with further new features.

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