What are the Applications and Uses of Digital Oscilloscope?

Applications and Uses of Digital Oscilloscope
November 15, 2022

What is the Use of a Digital Oscilloscope?

An Oscilloscope is an electronic instrument that can display the changes in signal voltages graphically.  It is used to display, store, process, analyze, and capture the bandwidth and waveform of the signals. Based on the type of signal, oscilloscopes can be classified into two types. These are analog oscilloscopes and digital oscilloscopes. Scientific Suppliers offer high-precision oscilloscopes to industries, Engineering Colleges, laboratories, and so on.

What is Digital Oscilloscope?

It is an electronic device that can store and analyze the signal in a digital format. When the input signal is supplied to this device, it is processed and stored in the memory. Then it is displayed on the screen. The data is stored in a digital format, which is the representation in the form of two digits, 1 and 0.

If you talk about the advanced features of a Digital Oscilloscope, then they are triggering, storage, and measurement of the data. They can display the waveform or sign numerically as well as visually. Therefore, it is also known as Digital Sampling Oscilloscope.

Since it uses digital processing methods, the accuracy and reliability of the digital storage oscilloscope are much higher. 

Professional applications that make use of this equipment are medical research labs, automotive machines, physicists, repair technicians, and so on. They have replaced analog oscillometers and they are the most commonly found oscillometers.

What are the Applications of Digital Oscilloscope?

  • They are used for analyzing the operating properties of circuits. Also, they can measure line-power harmonics and power conversion devices like regulators and transformers. To perform power analysis, you need different amplifier probes. By using specialized software, data analysis can become fast and simple.
  • Another popular use of them is in serial data analysis. They can be used in representing and analyzing different data formats such as Bluetooth, SCSI, FireWire, Ethernet, and USB.
  • Nowadays, they are being used in an important application. It is a jitter analysis. They are very fast and run at a high clock speed. Therefore, they are useful in specialized clocking applications. It is easy to represent, analyze, and debug signal timing and jitter.
  • Another important use is in storage device testing.  It is possible to assess disk performance. optical recording characteristics, and media noise. Disk drive design can assess various parameters.
  • Another important use is in TDR, which can be used for measuring impedance values and variations.  Thus, it is easy to find faults along microstrips or on cable connectors.

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