Top 8 Digital Multimeter Brands in India

Top Digital Multimeter Brands in India
January 27, 2022

In a world full of electronic gadgets, we have a digital multimeter. Have you ever heard about it before? Do you know which brands are the best providers of this gadget in India? For those who are unaware of this device’s usage. Now it’s time to get to the list of the top 8 digital multimeter brands in india.

A digital multimeter is a measuring instrument that measures quantities like current, resistance, and voltage. As the name suggests, it gives you the result on a digital display. Even a new bee can work with them like a pro.

Best Digital Multimeter Brands

Below we have got you the leading dealers of the multimeters across the country. If you go through them, you will know more about each one of them.

List of top Digital Multimeter Manufacturers in India

If you are looking for top 10 digital multimeter manufacturers then your search ends here. We present list of top digital multimeter manufacturers in India.

  2. Mastech
  3. HTC
  4. Meco
  5. Metravi
  6. Motwane
  7. Aneng
  8. Sanwa

1. MEXTECH Multimeter

Are you looking for a multimeter that is both compact and durable? MEXTECH has got you covered. It is one of the best digital multimeter producers and wholesalers in India. The company offers quality products with trustworthy, accurate, and consistent results. They produce sturdy body multimeters of premium quality. The digital display of the MEXTECH multimeters is vibrant and easy to read. Besides, they are shockproof.

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2. Mastech Multimeter

The multimeters at Mastech are in trend for their aesthetic and stylish look. You can read the data fast and effortlessly due to the vibrant display. Their handles are stable, and the readings are highly reliable. The premium plastic material used to produce the Mastech multimeters allow them to come in multiple lively colors.

3. HTC Multimeter

You can find a pocket-friendly digital multimeter along with all features at HTC. They are renowned for their accuracy with commendable range and frequency in the market. HTC Multimeters are a promising choice for household and office usage. The premium quality plastic body makes them easy to handle and carry around.

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4. Meco Multimeter

The multimeters manufactured at Meco are rather advanced than the above-discussed ones. Unlike plastic bodies, Meco multimeters have a body made of polypropylene. This material ensures the steady holding of the device while using. Apart from current, voltage, and resistance, it also measures temperature and capacitance. Its versatility makes it a top-notch multimeter available out there.

5. Metravi Multimeter

Like Meco, Metravi multimeters are made of polypropylene too. They give you rapid results on a bright and readable screen with accuracy. It has advanced functioning like low battery indicator, auto-switching off, and auto backlighting. Metravi multimeters can test the transistors and diodes. It can be the best choice for a first-time user.

6. Motwane Multimeter

They are the average multimeters for economic ranges. Motwane multimeters get beautifully designed and are durable. It has features like a low battery indicator, automatic polarity, vibrant display, and more.

7. Aneng Multimeter

They offer you a range of multimeters to choose from and buy the best one. Aneng Multimeters provides fast and accurate readings of the quantities. One can get multimeters for household use as well as for professional use. Their body has standard sizing and is made of plastic.

8. Sanwa Multimeter

You can easily find one of these at factories, labs, your school, and more such places. They are portable and have high capacity. However, they can only measure low-voltages. Therefore, you will see that Sanwa multimeters are used mostly in educational sectors.

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