How to Choose the Best Digital Sound Level Meter? – Buying Guide

Digital Sound Level Meter Buying Guide and Tips
February 09, 2022

Digital Sound Level Meter Buying Guide for Beginners

The sound level gauge, sometimes referred to as decibel meter, is a device that measures the sound volume in an area. It could include the ambient (background) sounds or the sound of a specific source. Many instances and settings determine the sound level, which is vital to ensure safety, comfort, and efficiency. It is also possible to use a sound level gauge at home to monitor the ambient sounds from the roadway, appliances, and other sources.

5 Best Tips to Consider Before Buying Digital Sound Level Meter

Many digital sound level meters are available; it is challenging to pick the most appropriate model for your workplace noise risk evaluation. Below we have listed a few essential factors, tips, and a buying guide to consider before selecting a digital sound level meter. 

List of the best tips to consider before buying a digital sound level meter.

1. Occasional or regular use

A high-quality sound level meter is well worth the expense and time for the average user if looking for regular use. A lot of the extra features will eventually simplify life, and the more advanced meter will provide more opportunities for a noise expert.

In most cases, an acoustic level gauge will be used to conduct a thorough noise analysis once or twice every year and for tests when something changes the acoustic conditions like new equipment or machinery relocation.

2. Class

There are two kinds of acoustic meters, class 1 and class 2. These classes are based on the accuracy and performance of the sound level gauge. The name of high-precision meters often refers to class 1 meters. They provide the highest level of accuracy and can be used to measure sound over a more excellent frequency range. Class 2 meters are general-grade meters, and they’re less accurate and have a greater frequency range.

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3. Calibration certificate

The new sound level gauge, which meets IEC 61672, will come with a calibration certificate once it’s brand new. It demonstrates that the meter has passed the tests required by the standard.

The tests are exact and are conducted at various levels and frequencies. To meet the requirements of rules and guidelines, this type of calibration must be performed at least every two years.

4. Evaluation of hearing protection

If you are experiencing high noise levels and you have hearing protection, you need to make sure that your hearing protection can reduce the sound to a safer volume. It is also essential to stay clear of over-protection.

5. Power

Batteries power the majority of sound level gauges, and the auto shut-off feature can save you the cost of batteries. There are times when you can locate a device run by one ac adapter. If you are frequently using your sound level gauge, you should look for a model equipped with an ac adapter or a rechargeable one.

Key Takeaways

So, you can use a digital sound level meter to track the ambient sounds. At MEXTECH, our entire range of products is developed by a specialist team that is in agreement with the latest market trends and industry standards.

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